Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jenn's First Time

This seems a fitting title for my first blog post. Incidentally, this was also the name of the band I was briefly a part of not long ago. We had a great run. There was much laughter and love for the music, but in the end, we realized we didn't have what it took to make it big. It may have been the fact that we all led such different lives. Some of us were in school, some worked a 9-5 job. A few of our band members were newlyweds, a couple of us were single. But I think, ultimately, it was the fact that, no matter how convincing the graphics were, we were not rock stars. We were just playing 'Rock Band'. And as much as we wish they would, the skills just don't transfer.


  1. welcome to the lovely little world of blogging! I LOVE your design...did you have it done for you?

  2. No, I just found it on '' which I heard about from a friend's blog!