Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Sporting Good Time

When I come upon a group of people talking about sports I have a quick conversation with myself. It usually goes a little something like "...*sigh*...okay, well I have nothing to contribute to this conversation so I'll just be on my way." or sometimes "Can they not talk about anything else?" but even still there's something very appealing about it to me. A group of people, who may not have much else in common, come together around this team of people, around a sport that they love and support it whole heartedly!

I usually enjoy sports the most when I'm with at least one other person who really loves that sport. One Sunday afternoon I watched Phil Mickelson win the Masters with my brother in-law who loves golf! It was such a great afternoon and it's days like that that make me want to really get into a sport.

Now I've tried to commit to following a sport enough to actually have a conversation with someone. I thought "Ya know, I'd like to have an opinion on whether I think that player or team has a chance of going all the way....maybe I should educate myself!" But inevitably something gets in the way. Usually, that something is time. Following a sport takes such a time commitment and I'm just not sure I want it that bad.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Sometimes I will watch a game, or the highlights from the game on the news just because I know that it's going to be the topic of conversation the next day lol