Saturday, October 3, 2009

The In-Betweens

As the first snow falls outside my tiny windows, I am reminded of my favorite season. It's not fall or winter. It's not even the ever popular season summer. My favorite season is the in-betweens.

My favorite season is the time between the seasons. When fall is just about here and the air acquires a certain crispness. When spring is just on the horizon and you begin to glimpse sprigs of green grass peaking through the snow. The times during the year when you feel like the weather is just about to turn a corner-those times are my favorite.

I'm not sure if it's anticipation of something new or the milder version of the season that is to come that appeals to me. But every year, when I see those first snowflakes fall, I take a deep breath and savour the in-between.


  1. Somehow I think we should savour the in-between seasons of life too. Sometimes by looking forward to an anticipated event we miss the steps leading up to that specific thing/person. So here's to breathing deep and enjoying the in-between moments in life.

  2. oh my gosh. have you ever thought to become a writer, you know during your in-between Chapters and being a teacher. Like my posts on my blog which I haven't updated in so long are just blah blah blah..yours are so articulate and thoughtful. treens