Sunday, July 4, 2010

To Do: Sharkwater?

I usually have a To Do List going that covers everything from the things I plan on getting done that day to the things that, realistically, I won't get to for another week and a half. If I get most of a list done, I may begin a new list and transfer the few items that I didn't get to. Sometimes it's on my official To Do pad, but sometimes it's on a Post-It.

The other day I was looking at the Post It list I had going that day and I saw a note that said:


Now, Sharkwater is a fantastic movie I saw a few years ago that made me fall in love with sharks. You may think, "Fall in love with sharks? Seriously?" but I promise you, you watch this movie and you'll have a moment right after it finishes when you'll consider becoming a shark advocate. I kid you not.

But all that is beside the point. At some point, I had written 'Sharkwater' down on my list of things to do. The problem is, I have no idea why I wrote it down. I haven't seen the movie in years. I don't even remember writing it. At first, I just kind of stared at it, thinking it would come back to me....nope. Then I tried repeating the word out loud, "Sharkwater. Sharkwater....Sharkwater." Nothin'.

So now, I've got a To Do mystery on my hands. Sharkwater has made the transfer onto my new To Do list but now it has a little question mark beside it, essentially saying "You must have blacked out when you wrote this one down. Hopefully it comes back to you at some point."

Sharkwater. Sharkwater.

Still nothin'.