Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love...

...that half of the teens in the youth group can't imagine me angry and the half that has seen me angry thinks it's terrifying .

...playing games.

...winning at games. Especially if I get to beat a family member. soundtracks. I don't know if it's because I associate them with great movies but I ADORE soundtracks. Remember The Titans, Once, Stranger Than Fiction, The Wedding Singer, I Am Sam, Walk The Line, My Girl, some of my most listened to CD's.

...when I get to take a Post-It off my wall because I've already done what it was reminding me to do!

...hilarious kids.

...dumb inside jokes. Sometimes you can figure out why an inside joke is funny. The people involved explain the situation and you can clearly see-that was hilarious. But I get a special joy when there's just no explaining it. "So, you accidentally called the guy a corn fritter? I still don't get it."

...when the dishes are done.

...hearing my nephews in the background when I talk to my sister on the phone. My youngest nephew is just about 6 months and I love hearing him babble to himself or laugh at something his brother is doing. My older nephew is 3 years old and sometimes it sounds like he's playing with someone but no, he just knows how to have a good time all by himself!

...being unexpectedly treated to a coffee. You meet up with a friend, fully expecting to get your own, and out of the blue you hear, "I got this".

...unexpectedly treating someone to a coffee. You meet up with a friend, they're fully expecting to get their own, and out of the blue you say, "I got this".

...I-have-to-watch-this-all-alone-because-the-amount-that-I-cry-when-I-watch-it-is-not-socially-acceptable movies. Sometimes ya just need a good cry.

...trying to figure out why a friend is laughing uncontrollably when no one else is. You're basically grasping at straws. "Is it that Sharon's eating a turkey sub? No? Ummm....Ryan's haircut is pretty funny lookin'-is it that? No? Oh. The corn fritter thing again? Yeah, I still don't get that." cuddles.

...recommending kids books to people. Please, please, please, ask what book you should get your toddler or your tween.

...when I have enough gumption to put the laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer. No fishing shirts and socks out of a pile on the couch for me-Ive got gumption!

...when I hear a song and it immediately transports me back to my high school cafeteria. Fastball's "Fire Escape", Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle", and definitely The Proclaimer's "I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles)"

...getting real mail.

...a hug when I really need one.

...triumphant sports movies. Everything about them.

...wearing scarves and mittens. Cute coziness!

...staying at my parent's house. I revert back to being a kid(it's not that big of a jump) and it's fantastic. much I was in to The Beatles as a teen. Some of my favorite memories of my teen years center around some sort of Beatles music, movie, or activity.


  1. Oh Jenn, I just love reading your blog. I haven't read one in a while, but they always make me laugh and/or smile. You know what I love? SEEING YOU WHEN I WORK ON SATURDAYS!!!!! :D

  2. I LOVE...
    -reading your posts because you always articulate something that I feel or have felt;
    -playing games with you when I win!
    -that you have the ability to bring smiles to so many hearts & faces through who you are!

  3. I say exactly what your mom says. except I am going to sign it


  4. I love most of the things on this list...but I think my favorite is
    "...I-have-to-watch-this-all-alone-because-the-amount-that-I-cry-when-I-watch-it-is-not-socially-acceptable movies. Sometimes ya just need a good cry." :)