Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snippets of Friendship

There are some memories that, for some reason, stick out to me when I think of different friendships that I have. Some are big moments, some are small, but they all hold a special place in my heart. :)

Christi-We lived together for three school years. At the beginning of our second year, I was the first of the roommates to arrive in our apartment. I remember laying on the floor in the disastrous living room, looking through a book and the door flew open and it was Christi! We both screamed with delight, I jumped up and we threw our arms around each other. She said, "We're going to the Cannons game! Let's go!" It was one of the last Calgary Cannons games and it was the perfect way to start the school year.

Tammy-I hadn't really had a job where I had the potential to make friends before I started at Chapters. That makes me sound a little sad, don't worry I'm not. But I think Tammy is the first work friend I've ever had. Her persistence in trying to arrange a coffee date with me kind of threw me off at first because, well frankly, I wasn't used to going out with people from work. There wasn't a stand out moment when I realized this but I think I slowly realized, 'Oh. She wants to have coffee because......we're.....friends. Huh. I have a work friend. Did not see that coming.' I'm so glad she persisted because she's fantastic and I'm glad she's in my life(however infrequently). :)

Matt-When it comes to movies, Youtube clips, romantic stories, I'm a huge sap and have no problem crying in front of others. When it comes to personal issues, I'm quite private and generally keep my tough emotions to myself. After/during a particularly trying time in my life, I went to Matt(and Monica)'s house and basically blubbered like a fool. As I completely vented, Matt listened and offered encouraging, supportive words without being condescending or dismissing me. I've cried in front of him more times than I prefer to admit but I know he's person I can trust completely and that's invaluable.

Aurora-I worked with Aurora at Chapters and we didn't often work similar shifts. One day, after we hadn't seen each other in a really long time, I came into the back to start my shift and she was there looking for a book. As soon as she saw me, she gasped and ran over and gave me a huge hug-even though I was on the phone. I'm not really a huggy person but it was a really nice way to start the work day.

Stu-I met Stu when I was a teenager and he was MUCH older. After a rocky start(pranks and name calling were involved), we developed a mutual respect and enjoyment of teasing each other(pranks and name calling were still occasionally involved). Now, he's honestly one of my favorite people and I'm proud to call him my pastor. :)

Adriana-I lived with Adriana for one year and at some point during that year, we thought it'd be so great if we read bedtime stories to each other. For about a week, we would take turns reading 'The Magician's Nephew' to each other. I don't really know what brought that on but it was a great week and I'll never look at that book on my shelf the same way again.

Dan-The few times I went to Dan's place in university, I annoyed him by placing all of his, very disorganized CD's, in alphabetical order. I couldn't help it and eventually I think he came to expect it. Thanks for understanding Dan.

Leanne-Leanne and her, then boyfriend, now husband, Jonathan went on a trip to the UK to visit a couple of mutual friends and I met them at the airport upon their return. Previous to this trip, Leanne and I spoke every day, seeing each other quite frequently, and, as it turns out, the trip was a nice break. For both of us. :) We had both secretly not really missed the other and both secretly been a bit nervous that we wouldn't be that excited to be reunited. *Sidenote-it sounds like we hated each other. On the contrary, we loved each other immensely.* When they walked out of the gate, one of the first things Leanne said to me was "I'm so glad I'm happy to see you!", to which I replied, "Me too!" I'm glad I have a friend I can be that honest with.

Jennie-I have spent many of the last 7 New Year's Eve's with Jennie and I've learned one thing. If Jennie's there, it's gonna be a good time. You'll laugh-a lot. Like I did when she accidentally over shared a slightly inappropriate piece of information with a few of us a couple years back. I won't say what it was but her face went red and we all laughed.

Thanks to all my friends who provide me with an abundance of wonderful snippets. You make my life better.

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