Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Higher Standard

I understand that we women come with our own unique style of communication. Reading between the lines is much more necessary with us than with our male counterparts. However, I don't believe that simply because we're women, that gives us free reign to intentionally trap people with our words. So, when I read things like this, it makes me ashamed to belong to a gender that would proudly claim this as their own. Are we not intelligent people? Can we not be respectful enough to the people around us to simply state what we're thinking?

Now, I have, on many occasions uttered an insincere 'fine', 'it's ok' and alike. However, and I sometimes need reminding of this, if that's what I'm saying, I need to be accountable for my words. If I say 'it's ok' and it's not, I take responsibility for whatever the outcome is. It's my choice to close up and not be honest. I need to deal with whatever it is, so that it is ok, or I need to go back and confess what I'm truly thinking.

To see women proudly boast about the mind games they play makes me shake my head. Truthfully, the above graphic needs to be appropriately relabeled as 5 Passive Aggressive Statements You Can Say To Make Women Appear Immature and Catty. Come on women-hold yourself to a higher standard!


  1. This is a fantastic post and one that I absolutely agree with! I should confess, since getting married, I find myself using some of these passive aggressive statements more frequently than I ever did while dating. I've let my standards slip. Now's the perfect time to raise that bar a little higher! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jenn, I thank you for this. I agree we should not play mind games and say what we mean, and I think this is a good reminder for me, especially when you posted it on my bday! Miss you friend!!!!!