Sunday, July 8, 2012

What 29 Looks Like

Before you read this post, you should probably read this one. I'm sorry but I'm not going to write that all out again. I'll wait.

You read it? Okay, then read on.

I'm looking to have a different sort of year. In order to do that, I'll be setting some goals for myself. I'll be adding to this list throughout the year. Some of the goals will be super small, possibly a bit silly(check out #3), some will be a bit more substantial. I'm the kind of person who takes a shower, then writes "Take a shower" on her To Do list just so I can cross it off. There may be a bit of that this year, but I'm okay with that.

1. Write a New Post Every Two Weeks
       Writing is something I love to do and I`d like to work my writing muscles a bit more than I have been. I`d like to get better. At first I thought I should write a post every week but seeing as how it`s taken more than two months to write my two most recent posts, I thought every two weeks was probably a bit more realistic.

2. Pursue Writing
   What this would look like, I'm not sure. It's been suggested to me that I pursue getting my work published. My first(and second and third) response was "What? No way! What if they say no!" Who is 'they' and what are they saying 'no' to? I'm not sure. I don't make sense a lot of the times. However! I`d like to see where it might take me. If you have any tips or advice, send them my way!

3. Watch Braveheart
  This is one of those silly goals, obviously. I’m fairly certain that pop culture has ruined the whole, “They’ll never take our freedom!” for me, but I’ll give it a shot regardless.

4. Create More Structure at Work 
  I am a nanny to amazing, two-year-old twin girls. They are hilarious and adorable(as many two-year-old`s are) and I love them so much! We go on a number of awesome outings(Calgary Zoo, Science Center, Monkeyshines) and have lots of fun at home, but I`d like to step up the educational component. They`re whip smart, so all I need to do to provide them with more opportunities to learn! It`ll also give me an opportunity to use that BEd I’ve got! :)

5. Plan For Something a Year in Advance
  Since I graduated from university, my ability to plan anything more than a couple weeks into the future has gone to seed. This is a skill, I feel, a functioning adult needs to have a better handle on. And so I plan. Well, I plan to plan. I`m thinking a 30th Birthday trip. We`ll see.

Stayed tuned for more! And hey, if youve got some goals ideas, let me hear ’em!


  1. I'm thrilled to hear you plan to do more writing!! I look forward to reading anything you write, you truly have a great talent for it!

    BTW, none of us at any age have things figured out, and when we think we do, life takes an unexpected turn, and we have to adjust any plans we may have had.

    Don't try to figure it out, just enjoy the ride :)

    You are exactly WHO & WHAT & WHERE you are supposed to be and you are lovely. (anything else would be just plain ridiculous)~ Anon

    ♥ Aunt Cindy

  2. Dearest Jenn, Happy Birthday!! These are two excellent posts! You have this way of writing that makes it impossible not to root for you and want to a)be your friend and b)cheer you on. I'm so stoked I get to be/do both! I can definitely help you out with a fabulous 30th birthday trip, I know this really great city you could visit and just happen to know where you could stay... ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Jenn! We love your goals and will support you in your dreams however we can! And your Aunt Cindy is a wise woman. None of us really have it figured out - and yet life carries on and the way forward becomes clear. With that great open heart of yours, I know you will find your way. xo Peggy