Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hunter, The Princess Bride & A Pit Of Love

This morning, I called Hunter over to the couch to tell him about the book I've been reading. It's not a book appropriate for preschoolers so I took the liberty of glossing over the numerous attempted murders and more mature details of the story. I simply told him that there was a girl named Buttercup and a boy named Westley who were friends when they were teenagers. One day Buttercup is captured and Westley chases after the men who took her. I told him about climbing the Cliffs of Insanity, the sword fight and when Buttercup falls into the snow sand. In my copy of the book, there is a map that depicts the Cliffs, the Fire Swamp, and other elements of the story I chose not to mention(Zoo of Death)! He was fascinated and we talked about that story and looked at the map together many times throughout the day. This new found interest lead to one of the best conversations I have had with my second born nephew.

Auntie Jenn: 'Westley and Buttercup fell in love! Do you know anyone who's in love?'
Hunter: 'No!'
AJ: 'You do! Mommy and Daddy are in love!'
H: 'Did they fall?'
AJ: 'Yup. They fell in love.'
H: 'Did they get out?'
AJ: 'Nope, they're still in love.'
H: 'Still?! How did they get to our house?!'

This is where I threw it over to Shannelle, who had overheard our conversation. I can only assume from his line of questioning that he believes you actually fall into a pit of love. And really, if you're stuck in a pit, how are you getting home? Completely reasonable question.

I love seeing his mind at work. I hope I can keep having these candid conversations about books and about life for years to come.

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