Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Pride

I have owned a car for approximately 2.5 years and I'm beginning to notice a trend. Every winter, when the snow begins to fall in mass quantities, it takes a bit of time (which I rarely allot for) to brush off your car, warm it up, the whole deal. I've noticed that I get a feeling in my heart when I accomplish all this and get on my way. Pride. I feel proud of the fact that I'm the one brushing off my car. I scrape the windows, I shovel around the tires when I get stuck, I push the heaps of heavy, white snow off the windows so I can see. I'm doing it. Something swells in my heart when I'm in a parking lot preparing my car for the road and I look around to see scores of men doing the same thing, while their wives or girlfriends sit in the car warming up. Don't get me wrong, if the time comes when a gentleman offers to brave the cold on my behalf, I'm sure I'll gladly take him up on his offer. Until that time however, I will smile as I scrape.


  1. I've had those feelings too...but as you, I definitely do not say no if a gentleman offers to do the honors!

  2. Scrape on my friend, scrape on . . .