Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Marvelous McKeowns

Two years ago, I was in a holding pattern of sorts. I was working at the bookstore and I had just let my contract with the school board run out. I was adrift, wondering what was going to happen next, where I would go from there.

A few months later, a bittersweet job offer came my way. To work at a daycare isn't where a trained teacher dreams of ending up but I would be working with kids and it would be a full time gig-something my bank account was sorely in need of. My mom's words of encouragement were "Maybe this will lead to something else." A large part of me doubted her words, but I took the job, donned the uber-flattering daycare scrubs and hopped on the bus every morning to head to work.

A few weeks later, my supervisor informed me that our infant room would be receiving two new kids, twin girls. Not thinking much of it, I began to prepare the room, labeling cribs and baskets with the new addition's names-Emily and Clara.

I distinctly remember the first time these two peanuts came to visit our room. Light-as-a-feather Emily was plunked in my lap with Clara right beside on the floor. Clara slowly started to explore with Emily content to sit in my lap and have toys brought to her as her eyes scanned the new people and place that surrounded her.

Over the next months, I fell in love with these two precious, distinctly different girls. One cautious and observant, the other daring and wild. But both extremely clever and so loving. As the time for their graduation from our room approached, I cherished their smiles and cuddles all the more. On their last day in my room, the girl's mom asked me, "So, would you ever consider being our nanny?" I had considered it, many times actually, and although the job would be only be part time, there was another part time opportunity that had come my way, that seemed to fit perfectly. After a weekend of debate and much (positive)input from my family, I decided to accept their offer. Two months later, I left the daycare and began work as their nanny.

I've been with Emily and Clara for one year now. I love watching them grow into their personalities and discover new things.

Clara, the wild one. This little girl loves adventure. She loves to climb and jump and spin and do anything that is active. She plays hard and she also loves very, very deeply. She gives hugs to anyone who will accept them. This was true, even back in the daycare when she would tackle the other kids with hugs and kisses. When Clara loves you, you know it. :)

Emily, the contemplative one. This peanut is whip-smart. She likes to have things explained to her, to really understand why things work the way they do-which is one of the reasons we sometimes spend quite a bit of time at lunch talking about what different foods do for us. Although it might take a bit longer for her to warm up, Emily has such a loving heart and easy laugh. She loves to be tickled and to be "a team" with her sister.

Along with these two amazing girls, this family also comes with two fantastic parents. Mike and Peggy are among the most generous and kindhearted people I have ever known. In the early stages of our working relationship, I honestly thought they were too good to be true. However, over the past year, I have seen time and time again how loving and supportive these two really are. They have supported me, not just as the care-giver to their girls, but as a friend and I am forever thankful.

When my mom said that she thought the daycare job would lead 'somewhere', I don't think she thinking 'to a nannying job' but I do believe that job was used to lead me to this amazing family and, with their support, will lead me further.

So thankful for these monkeys.

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