Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Soon To Theaters: Your Favorite Book?

The last two movies I have watched have been based on books that I have loved. I didn't read either of the books recently but I've loved them so much that I was very curious how the movies would stack up. This is what I've discovered.

If you love a book, don't watch the movie expecting to have the same appreciation for it.

It's just not likely to happen, and you'll just end up being disappointed. I have ruined some movies for myself because instead of trying to enjoy the movie for what it is(a movie based on a book), I'm checking off things on my mental list that are different or worse, or things they missed. However, when you keep your mind open and prepare yourself that it will be different and that it may not/probably won't include all your favorite parts of the book, you may enjoy it!

If you were curious, the two book-based movies I recently saw were The Time Travelers Wife and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Both books that I loved-both movies that I really enjoyed!

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